Benefits of Pine Fences Over Cedar Fences

If you are looking to install a wood fence around your property, you have two options: pine fence or cedar fence. Cedar is more expensive and is often considered a better choice over pine. However, if you opt for pressure treated pine, you can get all the advantages of a cedar fence without having to spend a lot of money.

Pine vs. Cedar
Pine used for fencing is pressure treated. This means that the pine is subjected to a treatment of chemicals under pressure, and this treatment prevents it from decaying and rotting. However, the treatment may not stop the lumber from warping, cracking or twisting.

On the other hand, cedar has natural oils that make the lumber resistant to decay and insects. However, this property is found mostly in the heartwood of cedar, while second growth and sapwood cedar are not as resilient to decay.

When pine is properly treated, it can last a lifetime, even if it comes in contact with wet soil. Typically, pressure treated pine comes with a warranty of 10 years, but there are some companies that do offer a lifetime warranty.
Cedar is durable and usually lasts anywhere from six years to 10 years. However, a cedar fence will not last as long as a pressure treated pine fence when the wood is placed directly into the soil. That is why cedar fences are usually set in concrete, which just adds to the expense.

When pine is properly treated, it turns into a beautiful golden brown color that is extremely attractive. Now couple that with rot- and decay resistance and you are in an advantageous position. On the other hand, when cedar ages it can take any color, which many people find attractive. However, the expense of procuring cedar may dampen that pleasure.

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